Monday, June 24, 2013


We sometimes come to a time when we feel tired of life. But as the old cliche' goes, " Life has to go on."
A  lot of times I had the urgency of writing to my old diary again. Browsing back to this old blog and click the draft icon, edit and post whatever remnants  Buco Salad has before. Blogging has been a part of my life for the past years and I knew the very first time I decided to blurt out all the feelings  I kept in my heart in the net, it will never be the same again...even if I had to go to episodes of hiatus and going back again...to writing.

Old dogs can never learn new tricks... There's no place like home... Few lines I guess so applicable to me. A lot of times I did decide to leave the blog world but like a haunting voice it calls me back. So many times, I created domains but I always come back to Buco Salad. 

And so this hunger to blog again is killing me.  The smooth feeling of my fingertips to the keyboard, the computer screen that shone its brightness to my very eyes. The feeling of telling a story to people you haven't met and the rush to  know their own stories too. Truly,  technology made a lot of wonders of how to be heard, how to be known, how to express feeling to the deepest of hearts.

I am Rico. And this, is the start of another hell-of -a -story..... the story of me.

Welcome to my world.