It was in the end of the summer last year when Ferbert Bautista also known as Kokey Monster,a blogger friend of mine encouraged me to write in Blogger.com. I was lurking that time in I.ph and was running out of creative juices and was not familiar with codes and other stuffs in that domain so I decided to give Blogger a try. And so this blog started.

Why Buco Salad?! I was thinking that time that this blog will entail of good , sweet and different stories. Stories not only by me but of people , of society and of the world. I was aiming big time that time and so I decided to name it Buco Salad, since salad is composed of different stuffs mixed together and so with this blog. I never intended to make this blog as a personal outlet but then it happen and so I was stucked to it (quite ironic, guess i failed in that one)

The pseudonym  Rico De Buco was the result of sulking and little brainstorming (hahaha). I was in my room that time sulking from an argument with my mom. It was an ordinary day, I alone and enjoying the "peace" inside my room when an idea popped out.. I was thinking of  Rico Puno. Why Puno? I dunno and cant remember the details clearly.Weird. And so i decided to use Rico, since my first name which is DERICK has R-I-C in it. De Buco was the result of connecting my blog name to my preferred alias. And so another life changing event was added to history,hehehe.

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busyok said...

aba't nagbago na pala ang blog mo! sabagay...kung climate nga nagtse-change..blog pa kaya! hehe.